Power of Attorney Requirements for the Payment of Patent Annuities in Malaysia

Question 1
Is a power of attorney required to make patent annuity payments in Malaysia?

Answer 1
Yes, unless the annuity agent is also the prosecution agent of the patent.

Question 2
Is the power of attorney per proprietor or per each individual patent? For example, if a patent owner has 10 patents and wants to make an annuity payment on each patent does the patent owner need to submit 10 power of attorney forms (1 for each patent) or can the patent owner submit 1 power of attorney which would cover annuity payments for all 10 patents?

Answer 2
A single power of attorney is sufficient and the same may be used to cover annuity payments for all 10 patents.

Question 3
How often does the power of attorney need to be submitted?

Answer 3
Only once. Should there be a change in the agent on record, then a fresh power of attorney needs to be submitted only once for the new agent on record.

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