Design with several embodiments

Question 4
We note that when we file Malaysian designs, each embodiment is given a separate application number which are non-sequential. For example, a case that was just filed with two embodiments received the application numbers 09-00408-0102 and 09-00409-0202. Would separate payments be required for these two numbers?

Answer 4
Multiple applications refers to two or more industrial designs (IDs) which may be the subject of the same application provided that they relate to the same class of the International Classification for Industrial Designs or to the same set or composition of articles.

The single multiple application which incorporates two or more embodiments as filed at the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) will be given an application number each to identify the individual design. Figure 1.0 provides a brief explanation on the application numbers allocated for the said designs.
It is correct that separate payment is required for each design wherein the official fee of the second design of a multiple application would be half the amount of the total fee of the first design.
i.e. Malaysia-Industrial Design No. 09-00408-0102 and Malaysia-Industrial Design No. 09-00409-0202

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