Patent Registration Enquiry

Question 1
Is it possible for An Australian Pty. Ltd. company to be the applicant for Malaysian patent?

Answer 1
Yes. However, it depends on the nationality of the inventor’s according to the laws in Australia, i.e. if the named inventor is Australian, then there might be a security clearance to file a first filing application outside Australia.

Question 2
If so, is the process the same or more demanding / onerous?

Answer 2
The process is the same.

Question 3
If so, is the likelihood of a Pty. Ltd. company being granted a Patent equally or less likely? i.e. : does it enhance our application if we use a Sdn. Bhd. Entity?

Answer 3
On paper, there is no preference given. However, in practice, a local entity is given priority for fast track/expedited prosecution to grant.

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