Questions On Design Registration System In Malaysia

Our client, a company incorporated in Japan, request to provides information to the following Q + A:

Question 1
Is there design registration system in Malaysia?

Answer 1

Question 2
What are the requirements for your design registration system?

Answer 2

Article : Yes
Form or configuration of an article : Yes
Visibility : Yes
Aesthetic sense : Yes
Others? (Must fit, must match provision).

Question 3
What is the average time frame from an application to decision to grant a design registration?

Answer 3
1 year from the application date.

Question 4
What is the existing term for a design registration?

Answer 4
3 terms with a period of 5 years for each term.

Question 5
Is there the design registration system which includes a prior user’s right in? If yes, what are the basic requirements for a prior user’s right?

Answer 5
Yes. Prior user’s right applies only if the said design has been registered by the prior user as only local novelty is applicable in the Malaysian Design registration system.

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