Question Regarding Entering PCT National Phase Entry Into Malaysia

Question 1
Is it true that it is possible to enter national phase in Malaysia with English specification?

Answer 1
Yes, English specification is acceptable for filing in Malaysia, no translation is required.

Question 2
If Q6 is yes, is there any prejudice during the examination stage if the specification is not translated into Malay?

Answer 2
There is no prejudice during the examination stage if only English specification is submitted.

Question 3
Please advise if there is a provision for extension for national phase entry or for submission of translation (file a request? Or to pay an extra fee?)

Answer 3
Please be advised that an English specification is required at the time of filing the application in Malaysia. There’s no extension of time available. As such, we will not be able to file the application in Malaysia without the English specification.

Please be advised further that we do not provide Japanese to English translation of specification. As such, we would require you to provide us with a copy of the English translation for us to file your application in Malaysia.

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