Please advice if annuities are to be paid with respect to Brunei Patents

Under new Patents Order, 2011 (1st January 2012), any re-registration patents in Brunei are to be paid for local annuities to keep the Brunei patents in force.

The earliest annuity fee is due on the fourth anniversary (Annuity for 5th Year) of the filing date of the foreign (GB/EP (GB)/MY/SG) patent on which the registration is based. Further fees are due on each subsequent anniversary until the expiry of 20 years from that filing date. However, there will be no annuity fee payable for any anniversary that is prior to 1st January 2012. Annuity fees which fall within the year 2012 shall be paid by 31th December 2012 without any late surcharge according to the Brunei’s Patent Registry Office.

Please be informed that annuity payment must be accompanied by evidence that the basic foreign (GB/EP(GB)/MY/SG) patent has not been revoked as of the date of applying for renewal, which we will be able to attend at our end.

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