Patent Assignment And Power of Attorney

Question 1
We write to inform you that an assignment from a UK company, registered in the British Virgin Island (BVI) is to be recorded.

Please provide us with the documents required by the Malaysian Patent Office to record the assignment to the UK company.

Answer 1
We would require to file two assignments to record the change at the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) as we note that there are two different addresses for the UK Company who is the current Applicant for Malaysia-Patent Applications.

We enclose herewith two separate Deed of Assignment for the said matter. Kindly let us have the original copy or a certified true copy for us to file the said recordal at MyIPO .

We would require an original Power of Attorney (POA) to enable us to act for your clients before the MyIPO. We attach herewith a blank copy of the POA for your onward transmission to your clients. Please ensure that the signatory is an authorised person of the applicant and his name and designation are stated under his signature.

Question 2
We have a couple of queries regarding the Power of Attorney. I believe that you already have a power of attorney for the assignors, so we shall obtain a power for the assignee only, unless you inform us to the contrary.

Furthermore, the Power of Attorney template appears to be suitable for a maximum of one patent application. Should we therefore prepare seven Powers of Attorney (one per application) or can we list all seven applications on one Power of Attorney?

Answer 2
It is correct that we only require the Power of Attorney (POA) for the Assignee only. One POA is sufficient and all seven applications is to be listed in the said POA.

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