Plant Variety Protection In Indonesia

Question 1
Could you provide me with brief explanation of plant variety protection in Indonesia.

Answer 1
Indonesia is known as fertile country and also famous with the rich of its natural resources. As agricultural country, Indonesia is the place where a large number of plants grow.

Agriculture, forestry and plantation is inherent part with Indonesia as agricultural country, therefore along with the rapid development of technology, the protection on plant variety is extremely important.

Indonesia is a paradise for all plant variety inventor/owner to invest and protect their varieties. That is why the government has issued Law No. 29 Year 2000 concerning Plant Variety Protection. Recently, the government also has just inaugurated a few number of PVP Attorney in order to assist the local and foreign applicant to protect their plant variety. For more information, please visit Indonesian IP office at www.dgip.go.id/ebscript/publicportal.cgi

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